Complete your daily tasks, don’t procrastinate, don’t delay, don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today! Life provides challenges and when you meet them, life opens up. If they linger, they are blockages, they prevent your life from moving on. We must add humour and joy to our daily lives, spending quality time […]



Always remember what goes around, comes around. Care for what you have, Accept what you receive and Give what you can. Making one person smile can change the world. Don’t care about what other people think or else you can be a prisoner. Take care of your body, mind, soul and don’t ever be afraid. […]

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Making life colourful

Life gives us chances, it contains secret of hidden past, present and future. Colour makes you build your brand and unique. How can one make life colourful? Making life colourful is by doing things that makes one happy and beautiful. Do what makes your world beautiful and not what is beautiful to the world! Make […]

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What is a picture? I think a picture is a painting or drawing. A picture can be in a form of print, cartoon, artwork, portrait, image. It is a representation of thoughts and imagination. Picture speaks when words fail since it is the reflection of what we do daily. A picture brings memories and creates […]

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